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    [120519/FANACCOUNT] Disneyland by preciousluhan


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    [120519/FANACCOUNT] Disneyland by preciousluhan Empty [120519/FANACCOUNT] Disneyland by preciousluhan

    Post by MILA on Sun May 20, 2012 5:44 pm

    Credit:preciousluhan@tumblr (she is admin from LuhanWorld, but she has her own blog)

    Okay this will be long but… PREPARE YOURSELF!

    Me and my friend decided to check up on where EXO was staying. We found out where they stayed thanks to a certain friend of mine -will not name it because we don’t want anything to happen-

    But anyway. We left to their hotel around 12pm and went inside and noticed some fans in the lobby outside of a bar. I asked one of the girls what was going on and she told me that EXO was inside. You don’t know how badly I was dying just hearing that. There’s a glass window where you can see EXO inside but it was really blurry so it was hard. I waved and I believe it was Chanyeol who waved back.

    A few minutes later EXO came out and everyone started running to them.

    I had a gift for Luhan and I really wanted to give it to him so I walked over to them and wow… Luhan was literally right in front of me. I had to get his attention but with all the screaming it was hard so I tapped his shoulder lightly. He turned over and smiled really nicely and bowed, but didn’t take my present.

    A shuttle arrived and it looked like they were heading to Disneyland.

    Luckily my friends arrived in time to Anaheim so we decided to hit Disney because my mom said they might go there.

    We went to Downtown Disney to search for them but sadly we missed EXO going inside California adventures.

    A smal group of girls were waiting so we decided to wait with them.

    Apparently EXO was dancing to mama and Suho gave one of the girl’s his signature so lucky! I heard Tao was secretly giving signatures but then the manager came back and got mad so he said no!

    Well we all decided to wait hoping they’ll come out and go to DISNEYLAND. As time went back we all hesitated whether or not we should go inside but we didn’t want to spend a lot of money to go in and then they leave.

    SO we ended up waiting for at least 5 hours! And finally they came out but there was a gate blocking. It was amazing seeing them there! Eventually all of the members gathered together and then exited out. Thank goodness we told all of the fans to shush because they were screaming. We didn’t want to cause any comotion and such.

    I saw them right there in front of me again. Suho waved and smiled happily. Baekhyun I swear he tried to act cool xD fist pumping the air, Kris said “ayo waddup” and this really upsetted me. A blonde girl ran to Lay and shoved a present in his hands. He looked so frightened and he bowed the other way and said “Th-thank you” and gave it to one of the managers. That really made me upset! Don’t force a present onto him.

    They started walking to exit the whole area so everyone followed them. And I had to give my present to Luhan it was tiny and I got him a stitch keychain. But I didnt want to yell at his name even though I was right behind literally right right behind him. So I silently said “Luhan gege” and he turned around and smiled sweetly then bowed as we made eye contact. But sadly he couldn’t take the gift.

    My friend on the other hand had bought a panda plush before she came to Anaheim and wanted to give it to Tao. She just went up to Tao and handed it over and Tao took it bowed and looked really happy and said “thank you!” He was playing with it and dropped it and my friend thought he was going to throw it away! But she picked it up and handed it back and he was really happy and said thank you.

    Tao is a really really nice sweetheart! He’s more rebelious and doesn’t…listen to the managers XD As they walked, Tao put his arms around Baekhyun (BAEKTAO) and Luhan put his arms around Sehun for a short moment!

    They had to wait for the shuttle to get here but it wouldn’t get here for another 30 minutes. So they stood out there for a while. So many moments. Luhan always danced a few times. He went around here and there to the other members to talk to them for a bit. But he mostly toyed with Chen a lot. Like playing with his ears he got from Disney. xD There was a BaekHan moment to made me so happy! They were playing a game. Baekhyun tried to stand all cool but he tripped and laughed. Chen was really playful and was in a good mood.

    Sadly Kai seemed really tired and he kinda outcasted himself from people besides Tao. Tao REALLY liked my friend’s panda. He was playing with it and snuggling so cute! Suho had his arm around D.O a lot xD It was really really cute!

    They began to walk to the parking lot I guess because they were just going to get a van. But they had to wait for the van. Chen would wave at the fans~ Chen and Xiumin sat down in a corner near a car listening to music and laughing. I shouted “I AM DANCING MACHINE CHEN” and he bursted out laughing! A car started to come in to park and everyone started to freak out and told them to becareful because we didnt want Chen and Xiumin to get hit! XD Kris sat down and Chanyeol sat down next to him. My friend started spazzing Krisyeol. Kris whispered to Chanyeol about it and they laughed. My friend pointed to my friend who was a Kris bias and Kris laughed and smiled.

    I had a mini cute plush in my hand and I waved slowly. Xiumin and Chen waved back and that made me happy! I waved at Tao and he smiled sooo cutely! Luhan played with his hair a lot to the point where Suho had to fix it xDDD Baekhyun and Kris bro fisted HAHAHAHA! Baekhyun and Luhan had their arms around each other it was a precious moment.

    But they really did have a good time.

    The fans were respectful and gave them space (my zoom is really good) we didnt try to attack them, we didnt scream, we waved, and really that was about it.

    Chen smiled and laughed so much, but a lot of the members were really tired. Especially Chanyeol, he wasn’t his derpy self around us! Kai was really outcasted ;~; Luhan was just kinda chilling with Sehun. And everyone else was just waiting and playing around.

    After that their van came and got on~ They really enjoyed their time and I really appreciate fans respecting some small things like screaming in their ears and such. But I did wish I had gotten into Disney I was debating and I should have I would have gotten to go on the rides and get better EXO pictures! xD
    I'm jeolous~ xD

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    [120519/FANACCOUNT] Disneyland by preciousluhan Empty Re: [120519/FANACCOUNT] Disneyland by preciousluhan

    Post by JeriCA.zhu on Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:37 am

    the fan is so lucky
    wish i can stalk them like that too
    thanks for sharing !

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