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August 2019


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    Moments from EXO China Showcase


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    Moments from EXO China Showcase Empty Moments from EXO China Showcase

    Post by MILA on Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:19 pm

    -After the Time control performance with Kai and Luhan, the audience began to shout out “KaiLu! KaiLu!”
    -Kai said that Luhan is cute and attractive in chinese
    -Luhan said when he first met Sehun, he just thought Sehun was like a child and really wanted to take after him
    -Lay’s father went to support his son
    -Tao’s parents went too
    -Lay hopes to be able to perform all around the world with EXO
    -Xiumin and Suho suddenly went to go hug Luhan
    -Tao held hands with Baekhyun
    -Suho said he is always coordinating with Kris as leaders, to keep EXO in harmony (via: sment_exo)
    -Sehun said he didn’t know what true friendship was until he had met Luhan
    -Apparently the chinese fans were holding up a banner with “CHICKS FROM CHINA LOVE EXO” and the EXO members were laughing and waving to them in the car (cr: wsdeoubasang)
    -Luhan was whispering a lot to Kai because he was doing translations (cr: heechvl)
    -Kai gave a heart to fans (via: galaexo)
    -Kai shown his abs again
    -Kris said he is looking forward to meet their fans

    credit: KissLuhan, EXOplosion

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    Moments from EXO China Showcase Empty Re: Moments from EXO China Showcase

    Post by JeriCA.zhu on Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:08 pm

    omg this is so nice though
    lucky fans who attend the showcase
    wish i can Sad

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