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    [FANACCOUNT] Plane Ride with EXO-M


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    [FANACCOUNT] Plane Ride with EXO-M Empty [FANACCOUNT] Plane Ride with EXO-M

    Post by MILA on Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:15 pm

    After immigration procedures were completed M went to have their meals.

    When it was time for boarding M wasn’t there yet so I didn’t wait for them and boarded first! ~~

    I was at row 56, the seat right at the outside. The two people who were supposed to sit beside me hadn’t arrive but when they did it was Kris and Luhan. It was really unexpected.

    Luhan and kris came over but they didn’t seem to want to get seated, I was a little nervous so I started using my phone.

    Luhan looked at the seat number above and started murmuring “56, this is 56″. Because I was too nervous I forgot to say hello to them.

    It was really beyond my expectations to be sitting beside them and they were speaking to each other so I was nervous. I lifted my head a few times to glance at luha, how was he so handsome? He didn’t have his make up on, just maybe some slight cream. Really long eyelashes and such fair skin, I was so envious. They both smelled really good, their perfume was probably the same brand because they smelled the same.
    After a while the manager approached me and spoke in accurate chinese asking if I could switch seats with him. I really wanted to sit with krishan!!! In a scenario like this, what was I supposed to do? I didn’t want Luhan to feel awkward so I had to agree..
    But both of them were really polite as well, they thanked me for switching seats . P.s. As days passed I’m feeling more and more regretful, should have threatened the manager for a signed photo first. But forget it anyway, I already have signed cards ~~

    So I was switched to a seat that was still on the same row as them.

    Luhan sat down and asked Kris: “I’m going to vomit, what should I do?
    Kris answered “use the vomit bag there”. He went on to search for it for luhan and upon finding it he gave it to him. Luhan was behaving like an 8 year old kid, he began pretending to vomit, and started blowing and looking at the bag.
    After that he placed his hand on the window!!

    Luhan, Kris and the manager spoke for awhile after that and Kris’ eyes seemed a little uncomfortable so Luhan helped blow into his eyes. But it seemed like Luhan’s blowing didn’t help at all so Kris ended up going to the toilet to settle it.
    When Kris was in the toilet the manager went to look for cody so Luhan was left alone at his seat.

    I called his name and he looked but turned back really fast. He was probably really shy, but I was shy too! He was clueless of how to respond and looked so innocent.

    Two other fans gave him presents and he was only allowed to keep them after shooting innocent looks at his manager. He looked so blur and too adorable..

    Halfway through the flight when Luhan was on his way to the toilet he was blocked by the stewardess’ cart so he went back to his seat.

    Poor thing, little bun and tao could go to the toilet smoothly but it was just your luck that you met with the cart! But the second time Luhan went there wasn’t a cart anymore. Sigh and how does his skin looks so healthy???

    During the journey I kept watching how he fidgeted so much. Yes luhan I know you’re a very energetic person okay? He also did some hand signs and tried to communicate with Yixing.

    I wont’ be writing about what he ate on the plane, all I want to say is that he was really adorable when eating.

    After landing Luhan turned behind to look at us, I lifted my camera and he turned back again. Hng, I’m going to remember you for this >Sad

    Lastly, I would like to mention, Luhan can you not always go to the toilet right after landing? Is the toilet such a wonderful place?

    That is all, I know my fanaccount is really long and naggy. I would just like to say that Luhan ah, this energetic and adorable you is what all of us love, so continue doing what you like best~~ As long as you’re happy ~

    Fanaccount by: 哈尼鹿呀婷子大人
    Translation:heechvl @ twitter
    Via.:EXO.Intl @ facebook

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    [FANACCOUNT] Plane Ride with EXO-M Empty Re: [FANACCOUNT] Plane Ride with EXO-M

    Post by JeriCA.zhu on Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:40 am

    lucky fans who met them there.
    and the story is so detailed
    thanks for sharing !

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