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    [TRANS] 130802 Elle Men China: Luhan Effect! The "Hallyu" wave you can't block


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    [TRANS] 130802 Elle Men China: Luhan Effect! The "Hallyu" wave you can't block Empty [TRANS] 130802 Elle Men China: Luhan Effect! The "Hallyu" wave you can't block

    Post by Chae on Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:00 am

    by Kylin of ELLEchina.com
    Original Article

    I woke up at around 2AM and picked up my phone laying next to my pillow with ease. Then, I opened up Weibo; which was live with excitement. The entire screen was filled up with reblogs, from before 1AM to 2AM. It was the same Sina application download auto message over and over again: "Days are like a cool breeze flipping pages of a book, going by page after page, remember the conversations, the vague chapters, the yellowing story, flowing from the tip of the brush, coagulating in space between your eyebrows." I was confused for a moment and then I looked at the username, @M鹿M —— didn't have a V (verified), didn't have a self-introduction; it didn't even have one original post. But this account, that only posted 5 messages, was able to get 105018 likes, 155742 reblogs, 1656560 comments. Even more so, a post reblogging a Manchester United video set a record of having 1,250,000 comments for one post. (At around 8/2/13 14:00 Chinese Standard Time)

    Afterwards, I found out that the account @M鹿M belonges to Luhan —— a Chinese member of the Korean idol group EXO. Born on 4/20/1990 in Beijing, he was scouted by S.M Entertainment when shopping in Myeongdong. He then went on to became a popular member of the male group, EXO, that debuted in 2012. But the impact that Luhan has doesn't only include this: Manchester United had an unprecedented sharp increase in faithful fans, and they're all young females; Luhan's special skill, the 3x3 Rubix's cube, started to become popular among girls; and all topics that are related to him have started to become unbeatable trending topics.

    Luhan is able to gather such an enormous fanbase due to his charisma. With a cute appearance, role as the main vocalist, and his sharp dance moves, and considering the fact he's also the visual. His Korean is outstanding, and he's tall overall. After barely debuting a year ago, he's gained top status in China, as well as overseas.

    EXO's Chinese member Luhan's popularity shows more people how Korean entertainment company, S.M Entertainment's idol groups have a dominance in cultural influence. Not only did the Chinese member help expand the group's influence in China and internationally, but it also expanded the "Hallyu" wave. And the other Chinese artists that are working in South Korea have also obtained Chinese fans' attention, and even more love. Super Junior's Hangeng, Zhoumi; EXO-M's Luhan, Lay, Kris, Tao; f(x)'s leader Victoria...... follow ELLEChina.com to get news on those Chinese artists who are working in Korea.

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